Finnish Coaches Association

Sanna Erdoğan is known in many sports as a coach trainer and developer of coach training. She works as a boxing coach herself. At Finnish Coaches, Erdoğan has done part-time work in the URVA for Foreigners and Coach like a woman in Martial Arts projects, as well as other training on a gig basis. In 2021, she transfered to the University of Lapland as a doctoral student.

I myself have been a member of the Finnish Coaches and the Finnish Professional Coaches for years. In particular, the training offer and peer support from other coaches at various events are the best aspects of membership. As a training planner and trainer, I have noticed over the years how important continuous development as a coach is. It will be great if in the future we get more coaches to develop themselves and work together in accordance with the values ​​of good coaching, describes Erdoğan


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