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Youth initiatives can play an impressive role in responding to gender inequality and gender-based violence. With their work, they can influence societies at different levels from the empowerment and support for young people by the promotion and shearing of the correct information to promotion, supporting changes in law and state policies. 

However, youth organizations that promote the following issues also need to check and empower their own organization on level gender equality, friendliness and responsiveness. The best way to initiate this self-reflection process is to analyze the ways in which gender is characterized in the work of specific organizations and, usually, in organizations or institutions that offer youth work. Gender mainstreaming is more than just counting the number of young women and boys, and it does not necessarily require special events for these groups, although this may be important.

Within the TWOST- project we give the opportunity to youth organizations to self-assess themselves, and by obtaining the BronzeSilver or Gold reward prove that their organization favors gender equality also internally within the organization. The organization can obtain access to the trusted database of the sources that can be used to improve organizational policy as within the work with youth.

Find out more on the website or become one of the first who will test a tool. 

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