BMX sport traditionally used to be considered as one of the masculine sports. It has born in Latvia about 30 years ago. Olafs Lakucs was among those who started the culture of BMX in Latvia. They started it from zero with the first self-made bicycles. There were no girls among them at the beginning (I – Sandija Zalupe (LSIIDP), can witness it, because BMX was born not only in my native city, but in my play-yard in front of my eyes). Now brothers and sisters train together. And girls become more involved in BMX.

15.06.2021 LSIIDP has conducted an interview with Olafs Lakucs, in order to investigate how is now the situation with BMX in Latvia, and if now 30 years past, this sport has become a gender equal ! Olafs Lakucs answered on two very crucial and important questions for our project:

  1. Whether our sports – BMX, is masculine or not?
  2. Do you consider your organization a gender balance friendly?

Curious? Watch a full version of the interview in Latvian on YouTube or read the interview description here.

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