Social inclusion and gender equality among sport organizations  is the main connecting point of this project with the realities of gender gaps within sport organizations and clubs around Europe. One of the main obstacles for social inclusion, and gender inequality in sport are gender stereotypes and prejudice!



SWOST is aimed at preventing gender based discrimination within sport organizations and clubs. 

The project addresses in particular a cross-sectorial cooperation, allowing for greater synergies across all fields of actions concerning sport organizations, with a special focus on access to rights, autonomy, participation –, avoiding gender self-segregation phenomena and promoting common values of mutual respect between genders and without prejudice.



The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the prevention and support the fight against stereotypes and gender violence among sport organizations in Europe through piloting of digital innovative resources and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Promote and increase the participation of males and females in sports typically categorized like “gender based sports”, with a specific focus on young people;

    ● Empower the skills of youngsters, by raising awareness and consciousness in their sports choices, uproot gender stereotype perceptions, which could influence young people and their families in the selection of a sport to practice;

    ● Underline successful cases, share the experiences and the effective best practices of sports associations in the field of gender mainstreaming;

    ● Create a self-assessment online tool able to guide sport associations. The online tool will redirect users – in a customized manner – to existing tools, good practices and resources applied in other geographical or sectorial contexts, also with important goals of progressive networking and capacity building of the actors involved at all levels.

    ● Monitor and improve the state of art of gender policies used by European sports associations and the beneficiaries of the Sport without Stereotypes/SWOST project;

    ● Raise the awareness about homophobia and gender-based violence that happens in sports clubs.



  • Description of the state of the art and statistical analysis about gender stereotypes in sport
  • Creation and implementation of SWOST Self-Assessment Tool 
  • Creation of an online database storing all relevant resources and practices on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in sport, including awareness-raising materials and regulatory references
  • Development of dissemination campaign
  • Organisation by UEFA of a international event at the end of the project

Project Start Date: 01/01/2021

Project End Date: 31/12/2023

Project total duration: 36 months

SWOST project in one scheme